Rumour Mill is an Indie band based in Vancouver, BC, headed by best buds Aline Daigle and Anna Katarina. These Kootenay girls go way back to preschool, graduating high school and college together, eventually moving to the beautiful West Coast. Their music is a cocktail of ever-evolving pop, folk and country, with a splash of RnB, similar to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Haim and First Aid Kit. Currently they are recording their second EP “Gone With The Wine”, which will be fully engineered, mixed and produced by Rumour Mill. They dream of one day collaborating with Sarah McLachlan. :)

With catchy melodies, soulful harmonies and skilled songwriting, Rumour Mill will sweep you off your feet with its unique indie-pop sound!

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ANNA Katarina

Known for her unctuous vocals, catchy songs and irresistible stage-presence, Anna is a unique artist with a broad diversity of musical skills. With a background in classical piano and voice, she continued her musical studies post-secondary, studying jazz and contemporary music. Recognized for her talents of singing, dancing and acting work, she is often described as a Triple Threat. Though Rumour Mill is her number one priority, Anna also performs solo and collaborates with artists from all around the world, and can be occasionally caught on the big screen!


Aline’s cunning wit often comes out in her lyrics and songwriting although, to her dismay, not quite as often as she’d like. Rumour mill is her second priority… after being super hilarious and memorizing "great" jokes. She began her musical career with classical Viola, then went on to study jazz Violin and composition. When she's not busy writing, recording and performing as a part of Rumour Mill, she is a sought-after audio engineer in Vancouver BC, fiddles in other musical projects, and teaches violin.. Aline is passionate about wine and relaxing (we think that’s where her love for jazz comes from.) She enjoys biking, eating and long walks on the beach.